Building Community

In alliance with Mary, animating inclusive and lifegiving communities is the heart of how we make Christ present in the Church and throughout the world.

Community in the Church

The Marianist Lay Communities emerged after the upheaval of the French Revolution when the Church was scattered. Inspired by Mary's guidance at Pentecost, we sought to revitalize the Church by forming lay communities for prayer, mutual support, and spreading the Gospel through all sectors of society. To this day, we work to advance the vision of the laity as full participants and leaders in the Church's mission, not passive recipients. We construct communities that empower all voices and embody the Church's inclusive, Marian face.

Community in the World

In a world increasingly marred by fragmentation, loneliness, and divisions across lines of politics, race, class, and creed, we are committed to being bridge-builders. Our local MLCs strive to be living examples of unity-in-diversity, crossing boundaries to build relationships of solidarity. We cooperatively build connections and community structures that allow for understanding, healing, and working together for the common good. Overcoming injustice and advancing human dignity requires constructing a community fabric that can sustain mutual support and the flourishing of all people as beloved children of God.