Marianist Business Network

We are an inclusive spirituality-based community of professionals who have chosen a vocation in for-profit business.  We call ourselves the Marianist Business Network (MBN) and are affiliated with the Marianist Family, a Catholic Community.  Recognizing that grace is instilled in everyone, the MBN brings together for-profit business professionals of similar ethics and morals without regard to their religious affiliation or creed.  We strive to learn from each other’s unique backgrounds.  We are a safe and nurturing community where we share, explore, and develop our ethical and spiritual lives.  As a community, we intend to follow the virtues of the Marianist Charism.


Going to work each day to make a living is a job.  Going to work each day to make the world a little better is a vocation.  We are a safe community providing moral, spiritual, and psychological support to remain fully committed to our vocations.  We strive to balance our work, family, and community demands, develop a spiritual basis for our business vocation, and refine our moral compass.  We commit to discovering, developing and employing our unique gifts toward the common good.

The Purposes of Business

We believe that businesses serve the common good, by:

The products produced are truly good and provide services that truly serve.

PROVIDING GOOD WORK:  The culture of a good business sustains the wellness of the whole person and enables the person to meaningfully utilize their talents.

ENABLING GOOD WEALTH:  The sustainable wealth generated for owners, shareholders, and employees further benefits customers, consumers, and the community which the business serves.  

Skilled Business Leaders

We are committed to the three purposes of business.  As such, actively employed members of the MBN will strive to rise to positions of increasing influence within their organizations and advance these purposes.  As a community, we will strive to support our members as they ascend, helping them grow and develop management, leadership, and career survival skills.  Our multi-generational conversations will provide an opportunity to learn from each other, sharing skills and strategies for dealing with difficult issues and ethical dilemmas.

MBN at Work

Andrew Gerbetz - a Marianist Business Network member and University of Dayton alumnus - puts the three purposes of business to work on a cleaner future.